They commend Nintendo’s stance on conflict minerals but also highlight a serious flaw

You may recall that Nintendo recently shared its corporate social responsibility report. Well, today we have details related to this topic.

The information comes from and focuses on the assessment of “conflict minerals” from mines and smelters that fund militias and lead to crime and human rights abuses. In the report it provides, Nintendo has been assessed in relation to these materials.

The company’s stance appears to be positive, although they note that “Nintendo is achieving an impressive level of compliance simply by avoiding countries where there are challenges and additional audit work is required”. This means that it is avoiding those countries rather than supporting them with verified suppliers in those territories.

“Nintendo has ultimately taken a simpler route to avoid the deeper challenges to the problem,” analysts note of the situation. “It is reassuring consumers that its products are not made with conflict minerals, but it is not helping to ameliorate the problem in the affected countries.