These are the three best starters you can choose from in Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite, which has just landed on Nintendo Switch and is coming soon to mobile devices, offers a completely new experience in the series, introducing us to the MOBA genre in an outstanding way.

Well, when you start playing and after passing the first tutorial, the game will give you a choice of five different Pokémon, which we’ve already reviewed here. However, if you haven’t started playing yet and are undecided about which one to choose, we leave you with the three most recommended below:

Pikachu (Attacker)

Pikachu, the most iconic Pokémon in the series and a must-have in any game, is a great attacker not only to start playing, but also to master and help your team win games.

Pikachu has paralysing attacks and a long range, which is ideal for fighting against opponents who use melee moves. On the other hand, it also has a decent movement speed and enough power to easily knock down any opponent in its path.

Snorlax (Defender)

Snorlax is also quite recognizable in the Pokémon series, having been a nuisance since the first generation and will continue to be so in Pokémon Unite.

This Pokémon may not be the fastest, but it inflicts powerful melee moves, can put opponents to sleep, and has incredible stamina, making it a very tough opponent to beat in a one-on-one battle.

Talonflame (Speedster)

If you’re looking for an agile yet powerful option, Talonflame is your best choice in Pokémon Unite.

While its basic attack is melee, Talonflame has very long-range moves that will allow it to chase down any opponent that tries to flee during a fight. In addition, its Unite Move is incredibly powerful and can reach opponents who are far away, and while its accuracy isn’t the best, mastering it will make you a huge nuisance to the opposing team.