These are said to be the 5 worst playable characters in Pokémon Unite

We’ve already shared a tier list of the best playable characters in Pokémon Unite. However, you may also be wondering which ones are the worst.

Dotesports have conducted an analysis following the idea that “teams end up being a combination of the most powerful Pokémon rather than those that complement each other’s strengths”, resulting in the 5 worst playable Pokémon that currently play the worst role in the free-to-play Nintendo Switch game.

These are the 5 Pokémon they recommend the least for us to rank in the game:

5 – Machamp is decent at first but as each Pokémon reaches its maximum level it seems to lose points mainly due to its attack range, which is restricted to melee.
4 – Crustle, as Snorlax and Slowbro outclass it as a defensive Pokémon. Crustle lacks any way to heal itself.
3 – Wigglytuff is defined as the worst auxiliary Pokémon because it has a difficult kit to use and it’s hard to get games off to a good start.
2 – Charizard, whose biggest problem occurs in the early stages of the game because players must survive and evolve quickly from Charmander to its final form, which is defined as a complex process in the title.
1 – Venusaur would be the worst Pokémon of all, as while Balbasaur is quite useful and has some unique abilities, when it gets to the later stages, the only part of Venusaur’s kit with any practical use is Solar Beam, which is not enough to compete with an advantage.