The provocative Dating Life: Miley x Emily is coming to Nintendo Switch on 5 August

We bring you confirmation of a new indie title for Nintendo Switch. The details have been offered today by the people behind it. We’re talking about the provocative visual novel Dating Life: Miley x Emily.

As we have learned, the title will be available on August 5 on the console’s eShop. Here’s the premise and trailer:

Play as Miley on her first date in years. However, her date may not be who she expected after she enters her own details incorrectly, leading to an unexpected date between two generally heterosexual women.

Despite the strange twist of fate and their own feelings, they decide to ‘just get on with it’ and enjoy the night together. You control Miley and can make key decisions that will determine how the date progresses, what happens and, most importantly, what happens at the end of the night.