The makers of the promising Crowsworn confirm it will come to a Nintendo console

Here comes the confirmation of a new title for a Nintendo platform. It has not been specified which one because the developers share that the development process will be long and they do not know if Switch will still be on the market at that time.

This has been recently announced by its developers. According to what has been shared, Crowsworn will come to a Nintendo console in the future. For now we do not have a more concrete release date, so we will be watching for more details. Kickstarter has already raised almost $300,000 of its original $100,000 goal and there are still several weeks left.

You can find the premise and trailer for this indie title below:

A dark curse has fallen upon the land of Fearanndal, a once vibrant kingdom. All but the last vestiges of humanity are seemingly gone, as the world is overrun by blind nightmarish creatures.

Explore a vast interconnected world as you battle hordes of monsters that roam the abandoned lands. Discover secrets and unlock new abilities that enhance your arsenal of deadly weapons and powers. Venture forth to lift the ancient curse and unravel the mystery behind its origins, as you try to uncover the truth and realize your salvation.