Steps to surrender without penalty in Pokémon Unite

More Pokémon Unite-related content is coming our way again. Following its release on Nintendo Switch as a free download, here’s some information on one aspect you may have questions about: how do you quit?

Many fans find the method of withdrawal a little difficult and complex, although it’s understandable given that it wouldn’t make sense to leave a game in the middle. The steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Make sure your team is going to lose, as there are times when the game can be turned around in the final stretch. An example of when it is advisable to surrender is when your teammates have already started to regenerate just to avoid being killed or disconnected.
  2. Players can only request a surrender after 5 minutes of game time: you can access it by opening the menu with the X button.
  3. Then press the – button to open the Settings and there will be an option to surrender.
  4. Each player can only ask for a surrender 3 times.
    1. Each time a vote fails, there will be a 40 second reuse time before you can try again.
    2. If the majority of your team votes yes, the game will end after a short delay and you will be defeated.

Finally it should be noted that there appears to be no penalty for this and it just counts as another defeat. What is not recommended is to exit a game abruptly: it is worth following the steps above or fighting to the end.