Star Hunter DX and Space Moth: Lunar Edition confirmed for Nintendo Switch

The list of upcoming Nintendo Switch releases has recently been updated listing new games that are on their way to the console. Here we bring you a couple of them that have been confirmed this afternoon.

As in previous occasions, in the list below you can take a look at the games, which will be released on the eShop and also in physical form (pre-order available here). We leave you with the details pending confirmation of their release date:

Star Hunter DX is an old school shooting game for modern times. It seamlessly combines the gameplay experience of classic shoot ’em ups with a modern pixel-art style and awesome 80’s cartoon character designs. Choose from three different pilots and conquer the cosmos by dodging bullets and using “Bullet Time” to take on even the strongest enemy.

To give fans the best Bullet Hell experience, Space Moth: Lunar Edition also includes in this duo of excellent arcade-style shoot ’em ups. In Space Moth, the player has to face giant, angry laser bugs to escape from Earth and fly into space.