Rumour: Fire Emblem remake in development for Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem is a tactical JRPG series and one of Nintendo’s biggest IPs, which became popular on the European continent thanks in part to Marth and Roy appearing in the popular Super Smash Bros. Melee. So popular is the series that many, many fans were hoping that at the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct we would see some news about the series; there were rumours of a remake of Genealogy of Holy War, rumours of a new game in development in collaboration with Shin Megami Tensei, and more.

Well, today a rumour has surfaced from leaker Zippo, who claims that a new Fire Emblem remake is in the works, and while it’s not known exactly which one is in development, he speculates that it could be a remake of Fire Emblem Genealogy of Holy War or The Binding Blade as they are two classic Fire Emblem games that have never received an English translation. According to Zippo and his sources, this remake is in its final development cycle.

However, even if it is in its final development cycle, Zippo mentions that we should not expect this remake for this year, but for 2022 as the remainder of this year will be for Metroid Dread, Mario Party Superstars and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Finally, Zippo has previously mentioned that Koei Tecmo is working on a sequel to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, while Intelligent Systems is working on the aforementioned remake. In this last post he didn’t mention the supposed Koei Tecmo game, so maybe it will be released after the remake.