Parfait Remake – 25 November at least in Japan for 7,678 yen is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year

Six months ago, Takamura Hitoshi saw Famille, the cafe established by his late brother, go up in smoke. The employees and the memories they shared may have survived, but without a building there can be no café; Hitoshi and company have no choice but to abandon Famille.

But by luck, or perhaps fate, Hitoshi gets a second chance when he receives a phone call from a new shopping centre asking him to open a Famille branch inside their building. Hitoshi cannot refuse the offer to carry out his brother’s will, and after a few formalities, a new Famille is born with Hitoshi as manager.

Of course, life never runs so smoothly. Things are a mess both in the kitchen and on the floor because two key staff members refused to return. Hitoshi himself had to take a break from university to make the opening of the new café a reality. But perhaps the biggest problem of all is looking Famille straight in the face: Curio, the popular café that Famille was “inspired” by in the first place, opened a branch in the same shopping centre directly opposite Famille?

And so begins the battle for Famille’s survival.

Parfait Remake – 25 November at least in Japan for 7,678 yen