Nintendo Switch OLED Model will not be launched in October in Latin America

We continue to receive news related to the new Nintendo Switch, known as the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. In this case, it has been confirmed that Latin America will receive the console at a later date than Nintendo’s worldwide announcement.

This means that Latin American fans will not be able to find the Nintendo Switch OLED Model console in shops on October 8. Instead, it is expected to launch ahead of the holiday season in most Latin American countries. In Brazil, it has been confirmed that it will not arrive until 2022.

Nintendo has not given a specific release window and has not confirmed the price for these countries. Remember that in the rest of the world it will launch on 8 October for 350 US dollars ($7,000 pesos), which should be just over 350 euros in Europe. Nintendo Europe has not commented on the official price for now.

The reasons for the delay have not been explained, although it is suspected that it may be related to the coronavirus pandemic.