Nintendo Switch already outsells PlayStation 3 to become seventh best-selling platform

Nintendo shared its updated financial results for the last quarter in May. Thanks to this, we were able to know the updated sales figure for Nintendo Switch. At that time, the hybrid console surpassed 84.59 million units sold worldwide. Undoubtedly a record figure that shows the success that Nintendo Switch is having today around the world. These figures also saw the console surpass the total installed base of the Game Boy Advance (81.51 million).

Furthermore, at the beginning of last June we reported that Nintendo Switch was already outselling Xbox 360 and was on the verge of catching up with PlayStation 3.

It turns out that Nintendo Switch has already sold a total of 87.43 million units, making it the seventh best-selling platform, surpassing PlayStation 3. This is thanks to VGChartz. Its next goal is to surpass the successful Wii (101.63 million) and if it continues at this rate it is possible that in less than a year it will surpass it.

Finally, we remind you that for the current fiscal year, which began in April this year and ends in March 2022, Nintendo expects the console to sell a total of 30 million units worldwide.