Nintendo details how the new Switch OLED Model dock can be purchased separately

Here we will receive more interesting details related to the new Nintendo Switch model announced this afternoon: Nintendo Switch OLED Model. It is information related to the dock of this new model, whose main novelties are a wired LAN port for Internet and rounded corners. Remember that it is compatible with the standard model of the hybrid console.

In the message below, Nintendo details how we can buy it separately. Apparently, the only way to get it will be through Nintendo’s online store and not through regular stores.

It has also not been confirmed that the dock can be purchased on the release date of the OLED model (October 8). It may be launched a little later. It is also worth noting that its separate price has not been specified at this time.

That we leave with his words:

The white base and black base will be sold separately (no HDMI cable, no power adapter, not in a bundle) in Nintendo’s online store. It will not be sold in retail stores.