Nintendo blocks access to leaked game ahead of time for first time on Switch

You probably remember that a few days ago NEO: The World Ends With You was leaked on the Internet due to a download code distribution error for those who pre-ordered the physical version of the game through Square Enix’s online shop. Well, today we have more information on the matter.

Nintendo is apparently revoking all access to these distributed digital copies because of the bug. All players who had access to the title are now being kicked out with the error code 2819-0003.

Alongside this, Nintendo is also sending messages to users explaining what happened: the error was due to a mix-up on Nintendo’s part, as the codes provided by Square Enix were only meant to grant access to pre-order DLC and not the full version of the game. It has now been confirmed that Square Enix will be sending out new codes for all those who pre-ordered the game.

This is the first time Nintendo is revoking copies of pre-ordered games. It’s certainly something for fans to keep in mind for the future in case more games leak.