New details, images and videos of No More Heroes 3

We bring more interesting content for fans looking forward to No More Heroes 3. It’s all new information, new screenshots and several video clips from the game.

First of all, these characters have been detailed:

  • Henry Cooldown (voiced by Mark Allan Stewart): brother of Travis Touchdown;
  • Kimmy Love (voiced by Jennifer Hale): formerly known as Kimmy Howell. She has become a diva;
  • Native Dancer (voiced by Scott Kester): a mysterious ninja who challenges Travis. His latest move, Blast Judgement, destroys everything in its path;
  • Destroyman: True Face (voiced by Josh Keaton): the ultimate version of Destroyman, a recurring enemy – this time, there’s a legion of mass-produced Destroymen to fight!

On the other hand, details about some of the quests have also been provided: as in other games, you need money to participate in ranked battles, and this money is earned in quests and odd jobs. These are the ones that have been detailed:

  • Coast Guard: stop the incoming waves of crocodiles using… a tank!
  • Defence mission (shooting): defend the Earth from giant space monsters!
  • Bike mission: get on your bike and teach other drivers about road safety.
  • Finally, we’ve learned that No More Heroes 3 will feature several collaboration t-shirts (like Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes): these are special collaborations with indie developers and publishers (like Devolver Digital) and clothing brands like glamb and FREAK.

Here are some screenshots:

And here are the clips: