Monster Hunter Stories 2 developers reveal monster behavior is no longer randomized

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will be officially released tomorrow, and as usual in these cases, we are learning more and more details about this new title.

On this occasion, the July 22 issue of Famitsu Weekly features an interview with the developers of Monster Hunter Stories 2, where they have detailed the main differences between the game and its previous release. These are the most outstanding details that have been shared:

  • Monster behavior is no longer random: Director Kenji Oguro stated that in Monster Hunter Stories, the random element of monster behavior was not popular with players. Therefore, in Monster Hunter Stories 2 the team decided to completely remove the random behavior.
  • Instead, each monster will have a pattern of behavior that will allow players to more easily predict and counter enemy attacks, something Oguro considers the “main appeal” of the Monster Hunter series as a whole.
  • Players will be able to complete the game with their initial monsters if they wish: Oguro revealed that the team designed Monster Hunter Stories 2 to be “easily accessible” to a wide audience. The team has specifically balanced monster abilities so that players can complete the game with the starting monster, Velocidrome.
  • Although each Monstie has its strengths, weaknesses and genetic abilities, he said there is not much difference in terms of overall viability.