Monster Hunter Stories 2 bosses explain why it’s also launching on PC and more

Siliconera recently had the opportunity to interview producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, director Kenji Oguro and art director Takahiro Kawano about Monster Hunter Stories 2. Thanks to this, we now have some interesting statements related to this long-awaited release, scheduled for July 9th on Nintendo Switch.

Firstly, they have commented on why the game is also launching on PC:

Ryozo: We actually decided to add a PC version in the middle of the project. After receiving requests from users, we decided to include a PC version and the development schedule allowed us to release the game at the same time. We wanted the PC version to help the game become a title that can be enjoyed by a wide range of players.

In the meeting, they also shared details about the playable characters we will encounter in this game. The developers even shared their favourites.

Here’s what they had to say:

Oguro: First of all, we wanted to make sure that even those who had never played the first game could enjoy it. We decided to have some of the characters from the previous game appear as some of the co-op partners so that those who have played the previous game can enjoy it.

That said, my favourite character is Kayna. She’s a good partner who is overprotective and supportive, not only in terms of character but also in terms of gameplay. Each co-op partner has a personality, like a support guy or an attacker. When you embark on an adventure with Reverto, for example, you will feel the reliability of a hunter. The co-op concept was created so that people can enjoy both the story and the game.

Kawano: My favourite character is Ena. At the beginning of production, I struggled to figure out how to make her more appealing, and it was hard for me to get attached to her. But by the time I finished making the scenes and the ending, she had become my favourite character, and I hope users feel the same way.