M2 to release Ultimate Tiger-Heli on Nintendo Switch on 28 October

Another day brings confirmation of new titles for Nintendo’s hybrid console. M2 has confirmed that it will bring Toaplan’s “Ultimate Tiger” series to Nintendo Switch at the end of October as part of its M2 Shot Triggers range.

Here are all the details that have been shared:

  • Ultimate Tiger-Heli will include Tiger-Heli and Twin Cobra and will feature a physical release (at least in Japan).
  • Tiger-Heli is a vertical scrolling shooter developed by Toaplan and released for arcades in 1985. It was released in Japan by Taito and in North America by Romstar.
  • Twin Cobra, known as Kyukyoku Tiger in Japan, is a vertical scrolling shooter also developed by Toaplan and released for arcades in 1987 by Taito in Japan and Europe, and later in North America by Romstar. It is the sequel to Tiger-Heli.
  • The physical version also includes downloadable content, which includes 13 different titles (many of which are homebrew variants of the two games), the largest number in the history of M2 Shot Triggers.
  • Unrelated arcade titles such as Get Star and Guardian will also be included.
  • The games will be compatible with M2’s famous ‘Gadget’ system, which displays real-time data as you play, and will also show support for leaderboards and various other options.
  • The digital version will cost 3960 yen, and the DLC will cost an additional 1980 yen.

Ultimate Tiger Heli” will be released on 28th October. It includes Toa Plan’s masterpiece “Ultimate Tiger” and the original Toa STG “Tiger Heli”. It also includes the home port of the game.

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