Lucario stars in this new official Pokémon Unite gameplay clip

We bring back an interesting video that relates to one of the most prominent games in the Nintendo Switch catalogue and that will also be released on mobile. We are indeed talking about Pokémon Unite.

This morning, a new clip of the game starring Lucario was shared. In the short film, we can see how the Pokémon moves around and how it attacks other characters that appear on the battlefield.

With the video, they also remind us that the rules of Unite Battle differ from arena to arena, that they have some distinctive elements, and that the wild Pokémon that come out are different. Finally, they also point out that there are only two days left until the game comes to Nintendo Switch.

We leave you with the message:

The rules of Unite Battle vary from stadium to stadium????.
Different wild Pokémon appear in different stadiums, and some stadiums have special gimmicks????!

Only 2 days until the release of #PokemonUnite✨!
I can’t wait to play ☺️!