Knockout City updates to version 1.4 on Nintendo Switch with these new features

It seems that a new update is already available on this Nintendo Switch game. It is a patch that the developers have officially released on the console recently for Knockout City.

Specifically, this version 1.4 of the game includes several fixes and tweaks that aim to improve the user experience on the hybrid console, as well as adding a couple of features. You can check the list of new features just below:

Error corrections:

  • Previously completed crew contracts will now count as progress for the “Seasonal Reward” crew contract. Your progress should update in this contract the next time you start the game – let us know if you are still having problems!
  • The game loading logic has been improved to fix an issue that prevented some players from entering the game until after the introduction cinematic.
  • We have corrected a bug that kept the full load after making a feint with the precise ball fully loaded by switching from one opponent to another.
  • Fixed a rare bug where a player’s street rank was displayed as level 1 when completing the game.
  • We have corrected a bug that could get players stuck on the walls in Glorieta Central.
  • It is now possible to redeem codes in the game again.
  • We have fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the Nintendo eShop from responding when trying to purchase holoverdes in the in-game store.
  • The progress of the “Special Explosion” squad contract is now correctly recorded when adding KO with the bomb ball or cage.
  • We have corrected the localization of the Deluxe Edition in the Epic Store.
  • Now the caged ball will no longer be briefly hooked to the player’s feet when he gets out of the cage.


  • Heroes Bonus: from now on, if you join a match in progress, you will receive 100 bonus heroic XP for completing the match. Remember that if you join a match that has already started and you lose, the loss will NOT count in League Play or in contracts that record winning streaks. But if you win, the victory WILL count for league play or streaks. If on top of that you are going to get a Heroes bonus, what excuse can you have not to help your new team to win the match on the road?
  • We have continued to implement improvements to find the best region with data centers for matchmaking. The game now sends more information related to connections to multiple regions. That way, our servers have a better chance of finding the optimal region. In addition, we have increased the number of customizable parameters on the servers. This allows us to make improvements in less time based on players’ experiences.
  • We have updated the Quit Match pop-up to make it clear that if you quit, you will lose the rewards for that match and suffer the corresponding penalty.