Journalist who backed rumours of a ‘Nintendo Switch Pro’ shows his bewilderment after OLED model announcement

An interesting message has come back to us regarding the recently announced new Nintendo Switch model: Nintendo Switch OLED Model. In this case, it’s a long-awaited industry reaction.

This one comes from journalist Jason Schreier, known for reporting on Nintendo Switch Pro rumours with different and higher specs than what has been included in this officially announced new model. He backed the existence of an upgraded version of the hybrid console with additional improvements not included in the OLED model, and has now taken to Twitter to express his bewilderment at this revision.

In the tweet below, we can see that he is waiting to hear from his Bloomberg sources following the announcement of the OLED model. He seems to doubt whether the rumoured Pro model is finally this OLED model or whether there is a different model on the way. Some reactions to his tweet have led media outlets to speculate that another model may be on the way, but for now the huge fan reaction is hoping that this doesn’t turn into a new wave of rumours about another Nintendo Switch model.

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