How to get more Pokémon in Pokémon Unite: current free rotation, Unite License and more

These relate to how players will be able to play and unlock different Pokémon in the game. These are the key rotations:

  • After completing the initial tutorial, players will have the option to choose a starter Pokémon that will be instantly unlocked and added to their collection
  • Slowbro will then be unlocked to show how trainer level progression works.
  • After this, players will need to clear Trainer levels, find other rewards or purchase Unite Licenses for other Pokémon. These licenses are the method used to unlock various Pokémon for use in matches.
  • Along with licenses, there is also a set of Pokémon that will be free to use on a rotating basis. This is useful if you don’t know which Pokémon you want to spend your Aeon Gems on and want to try them out. This is the current free Pokémon rotation: