Here are the weekly reward limits set by Pokémon Unite

Here we bring you more Pokémon Unite-related content. Following its release on Nintendo Switch as a free download, we now bring you information on one aspect you may have questions about: what are the game’s weekly limits?

Like other free-to-play titles, there are some weekly limits on how much Aeos Coins and Energy we can consume in a week. You can find the key points below:

  • The game artificially limits the amount of certain types of currency players can earn in a single session.
  • This does not affect Aeos, Fashion and Holowear Tickets, but it does affect the more widely available Aeos Coins and Energy earned by playing matches.
  • As for Aeos Coins, we can only earn 2100 coins per week, applied only to the Aeos Coins you would earn by playing matches, not the additional coins you can earn by completing challenges or as Battle Pass rewards.
  • As for energy, which is used to obtain items in the energy rewards section, there is a weekly limit of 1400 energy that can be earned.