Fans notice a curious detail of Estela’s outfit in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Once again we get an interesting message related to one of the most prominent games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. In this case we are talking about Mario Golf: Super Rush.

In the tweet that we leave you below, we can see a detail that you may have overlooked in the game. It is specifically related to the outfit that Estela / Rosalina wears. In her design we can see that she wears a golf glove like the rest of the characters; however, her case is especially curious because she does not touch the golf club at any time.

This is because she uses her magic wand to move the golf club, which is always held in the air and Estela does not get to pick it up at any time during the game. In fact she does not touch any object with the hand in which she is holding the glove. Thus, fans have realized that the use of this glove is something completely aesthetic or “superfluous”.

Here is the message: