Dying Light Platinum Edition announced for Nintendo Switch

Dying Light Platinum Edition was confirmed earlier this afternoon for Nintendo Switch. It’s a title that’s on its way to the hybrid console.

According to what was shared, the game will be coming to Nintendo Switch in October this year for $49.99. As of now, a specific release date hasn’t been confirmed, so we’ll keep an eye out for more details.

What we did learn, as you can see in the image above, is that the edition we’ll be getting includes four main DLC and 17 skin packs. There’s also support for HD vibration, gyroscope, motion controls, touchscreen and local/online co-op. In addition, the physical version comes with a map, survival guide and stickers.

You can find the premise and trailer for this title below:

Run through an infected world where only the strongest will make it. Master your combat skills to fight monsters of all kinds, both human and undead. Parkour across rooftops, craft weapons and help other survivors as you face your own nightmares.

Now you can enjoy Dying Light to the fullest with the richest version of the acclaimed open-world zombie survival game. With four DLC and 17 skin packs, Dying Light: Platinum Edition brings together everything you need to explore all that the post-apocalyptic world has to offer. Drive around Harran as you dish out the carnage in your buggy, face and survive the trials of Bozak, explore new quarantine zones and enjoy many new skins and weapons.