Corpse Killer: 25th Anniversary Edition confirms Nintendo Switch release date: July 27th

Earlier today we got to know an updated release window for one of the most anticipated games for Nintendo Switch players. In this case, we are talking about Corpse Killer: 25th Anniversary Edition, confirmed some time ago for the hybrid console.

Recently, it has been shared that this game will be released this July 27 at a price of $14.99 USD. This way, fans already know from when they will be able to get it on Nintendo Switch through the eShop at least (remember that it also has a physical edition on the way).

You are stranded on an uncharted island of death. You are zombified by voodoo poison. A mad scientist is on your trail. Hundreds of rotting stiffs are coming out of their graves to munch on your boys, and you can’t kill them. They’re already dead. You’re a nameless US Marine who is airdropped to a tropical island on a top-secret mission to stop the evil Dr. Hellman, who plans to unleash his army of zombies on the world. With Winston and Julie, your mission is to infiltrate Hellman’s compound and rescue four of your comrades and stop Dr. Hellman from carrying out his plan.