Capcom shares a couple of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles web spots ahead of upcoming release

As all you Ace Attorney fans know, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is coming in less than two weeks in different territories and we’ll finally be able to enjoy both The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles games (originally released on Nintendo 3DS) on Nintendo Switch.

Well, to promote this long-awaited title, Capcom is pulling out all the stops and has shared two web ads. They feature real gameplay footage, but also some cinematics.

You can watch them both in the video below:

Here’s a reminder of the premise:

Immerse yourself in a dramatic world, yet brimming with charm and wit, where you’ll hunt for evidence, make deductions and face off in court with this double pack featuring the adventures of rookie lawyer Ryunosuke.

Set in Japan and London in the late 19th century, each title brings you five episodes of mystery and murder with all the drama, humour, unexpected twists and big surprises you’ve come to expect from Ace Attorney’s legacy of legal mazes. Join Ryunosuke Naruhodo, ancestor of franchise mainstay Phoenix Wright, as he uncovers the secrets behind an international criminal conspiracy, and solves a daunting and baffling cold case, facing a series of challenging trials during your adventure. Enjoy dozens of hours of legal battles!

During each case you’ll talk to witnesses, examine clues and evidence, and try to deduce the nefarious motive for the crime before going to trial. In court you’ll hear testimony, cross-examine witnesses and present evidence. And of course, this wouldn’t be an Ace Attorney game if you couldn’t shout “I ARGUMENT!” when you know you have the evidence and facts you need to disprove the prosecutor’s claims and prove your client’s innocence.

The game includes a handy help function in case you get stuck in your investigation. Even if this is your first game in the series, you’ll be able to start your amateur sleuthing adventures smoothly – will you be able to solve these ingenious cases and start the game!

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will be released on 27 July in Europe and North America, and 29 July in Japan. It will be priced at €39.99.