Below the Stone and Dead Fury coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022 and 2023

The list of upcoming Nintendo Switch releases has recently been updated with new games that are on their way to the console. Here we bring you a couple of them that have been confirmed this afternoon.

As in the past, below you can take a look at the announced games in this case – Below the Stone and Dead Fury from Apogee Entertainment. They are expected to be available in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

We leave you with their premises and the published trailer:

Below the Stone invites treasure hunters to join the Explorer’s Guild of Draggas as an apprentice dwarf, continuing the sacred dwarven tradition of mining. Descend into randomly generated pixel art biomes, digging for treasure and minerals to obtain crucial upgrades for the next task. Discover the hidden world beneath the stone – explore with care, because everything you’ve gained in the mine will be lost forever after the disappearance of a denizen of the deep!

Dead Fury features narrative missions with fast-paced third-person shooting in a world where humans are now unstoppable killing machines thanks to a mysterious infection brought back to Earth hidden within the rocks of Mars. Play as Jaxon, a soldier stationed in New Zealand who must battle intelligent hordes with smart traps and firepower while tracking down the rare flower that can slow the spread of the Fury infecting humanity.