Analysis points to Nintendo Switch becoming the best-selling console in history by 2025

No one can deny the absolute success of Nintendo Switch. The console has so far surpassed numerous gaming platforms in total sales and, according to a recent report, this trend could continue in the future.

The hybrid console is currently nearing 90 million units sold, so it could soon surpass the total sales of Wii and later Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2. This is what a recent report from Ampere Analysis also points to:

  • According to its sales forecasts, Nintendo Switch would be the best-selling console in history in the future.
  • This would be achieved in 2025, where, according to this estimate, it would exceed 155 million units sold and thus overtake the PS2.
  • The OLED model being launched this year would be responsible for the console’s success.
  • They estimate that this new model will sell 5 million consoles in 2021 alone.