4 tricks to level up quickly in Pokémon Unite

As you know, players have already been able to try out Pokémon Unite and this has left some interesting tips for other fans who are interested in playing it. Here are some tips related to one of the main mechanics: leveling up your Pokémon.

As in most MOBA games, you start with a Pokémon at level 1 and leveling it up will make it stronger and allow you to perform riskier but more rewarding moves. To level up, you need to complete as many quests and challenges as possible. Here are some of these tasks:

  • Defeat wild Pokémon as enemies to gain more experience, moves and abilities.
  • Defeat enemy players to gain experience
  • Try to score points: When you’re in your opponent’s goal, you’ll earn 10 experience points for every point you can score, though this amount doubles at the end of the game.
  • Take advantage of the berries, as each berry gives you a little bit of experience which always adds up.