Two insiders who have claimed the Nintendo Switch Pro announcement is imminent share an update on the situation

You will probably remember that last week numerous rumours surfaced pointing to an imminent Nintendo Switch Pro announcement. The information came from a number of insiders and media outlets.

Well, today two of these insiders have shared an update on the situation as nothing has been announced so far. Remember that the initial information pointed to an announcement before E3 2021.

On one hand, Nate has shared the following:

I want to emphasise that this statement only represents me and in no way dismisses information from other media. Due to ongoing conversations and discussions over the course of the week, I am considerably less confident that an announcement will be made before E3.

This doesn’t mean that an announcement can’t happen. I just don’t know. I am being open, honest and transparent with everyone and share that recent conversations and new information make me doubt a pre-E3 announcement.

Some of the information I had and trusted no longer seems as solid as it did a week ago. Cracks formed due to inaccurate / inconsistent information and misunderstandings of accurate information. With high expectations, I wanted to address this directly and quickly.

To emphasise: this only represents me. It does not mean that any other media has bad information. I am only talking about the information I have been given and expressing my uncertainty about it. I hope that the other reports will be accurate and that an announcement will be made in the next few hours or days.

For her part, Emily Rogers has responded as follows to Nate:

I don’t see what the problem is with the timing of the announcement. Before E3, after E3, who cares, isn’t it more important news that the console is entering production and assembly this month?