The Nintendo Switch version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance was born out of this “happy mistake”

After numerous rumours, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been officially confirmed for Nintendo Switch. Now comes word on the process of the release’s arrival.

The information comes from the official press release, where the release is described as “a happy mistake”. Apparently, it was a clerical error that sparked interest in a version for the hybrid console.

Here’s what Warhorse has to say:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance for Nintendo Switch was born out of a “happy mistake”. In late 2020, Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition was announced for PlayStation 4 in Japan. Due to a clerical error, the game was also listed for Nintendo Switch, which was not in our plans at the time. The error was corrected immediately, but the information was disseminated. However, the overwhelming feedback was eye-opening and an integral part of the subsequent decision-making. Saber Interactive, also a legacy studio of Koch Media, has proven on multiple occasions that they are the right partners for this effort to make the unthinkable imaginable, and they were tasked with bringing Kingdom Come: Deliverance to Nintendo Switch.

It’s amazing to see how much involvement and influence gamers around the world can have on game development. The overwhelming feedback and fan reaction made us reconsider our chances and made us sit down with Saber Interactive, who is the perfect candidate for this ambitious undertaking.