Team17 to publish Batora: Lost Haven

Batora: Lost Haven, an action RPG developed by Stormind Games, was confirmed at the end of January for Nintendo Switch. According to what was shared, the game is coming soon to Nintendo Switch. At the moment, a specific release date has not been confirmed, so we’ll keep an eye out for more details.

Well, we’ve got some news on the matter and Team17 has announced that it will be in charge of publishing the game. In the press release, Antonio Cannata, CEO and co-founder of Stormind Games, states that “it’s a natural fit for next year’s multiplatform release”.

Here’s a reminder of its premise and its latest trailer:

Batora: Lost Haven combines the features of a hack-and-slash and a double stick shooter into a non-linear, story-driven interplanetary action RPG.

What boundaries would you cross to save your home?

Avril used to be a normal 16-year-old girl, not what you’d call a born hero. Until a mysterious event devastated Earth and she lost everything she cared about – now she’s the only one who, with the physical and mental powers she’s been given, can try to save her planet!

This is how her cosmic journey begins: soon, Avril will learn that the line between good and evil is thin. It is up to her to decide who to believe in: her choices will change the fate of the universe.