Shareholders ask Nintendo about a new Switch model, and it dodges the answer once again

As scheduled, a new Nintendo shareholder meeting took place today. Now we have the first details that have been shared about the meeting.

It seems that a number of different topics were discussed at the meeting, of which we have learned the following details:

  • When Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and more, was asked what he played, he replied that he plays Pokémon GO with his family
  • The current head of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, was asked about his favourite game, although it is not yet known what his answer was.
    Shareholders have asked Nintendo for a sequel to Ring Fit Adventure after its runaway success worldwide.
  • Shareholders have again asked Nintendo about a new Switch model and the company has again dodged the answer. Some shareholders, such as the case mentioned in the tweet below, didn’t take it badly, and snidely claimed that the company was being very “stingy” in its words.

Nintendo shareholders meeting is over!

The third question asking the new directors to tell us their favourite game was amazing🤯🤯Miyamoto-san said he plays Pokémon Go with his family😆, check out the official report later ️.
The seventh question asked for a ring-fit sequel💪.
The eighth question about the new SWITCH was me. He didn’t tell me, cheapskate🤣.