Samurai Warriors 5 details Citadel Mode, Vault, My Castle and more

Another day of exciting news for fans of the Samurai Warriors franchise. This time Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have released new information and screenshots of Samurai Warriors 5, introducing the Citadel Mode, the Vault, My Castle and more.

We’ve got all the details and screenshots below:

■ Modes

Citadel Mode

When playing this sub-mode, Citadel Mode, you can collect resources that can be used to upgrade the various buildings in the My Castle menu. Battles in Citadel Mode consist of the player protecting their base and defending against approaching enemies or defeating them. Many missions will appear throughout the battle and completing them will result in a score based on the time it takes to finish the battle.

In Citadel mode, troops are used instead of items. The different troops you summon will unleash a strong attack and then stay in place and defend against invading enemies.

As characters engage in battle together, their friendship level will increase. If their friendship levels are at their maximum, you will be able to watch special scenes that do not appear in Musou mode in the Hermit’s Retreat.


The Vault allows players to check their game log and completed missions, as well as view event scenes, listen to BGM songs and learn more about the history of Samurai Warriors in the Biographies section.

Buildings and improvements

My Castle

My Castle is a menu that acts as a starting point for progressing through the game. You can use buildings such as the Dojo and the Blacksmith Shop to strengthen your Samurai Warriors and their weapons, as well as purchase items from the Shop.


In the Dojo, you can strengthen your Samurai Warriors and change their equipment. Each playable character has a skill board designed around their family crest. There are several types of skills, such as skills that improve your abilities and skills that make it easier to acquire important items. Players will need to consider which skills they want to acquire as they progress through the game.

Each character has a Weapon Mastery level for each weapon. By increasing their Weapon Mastery, they can use even stronger weapons, as well as gain access to new Ultimate Skills and improve their properties. By spending Weapon Mastery in the Dojo you can increase your character’s Weapon Mastery.

Blacksmith Shop

The Blacksmith Shop is a building where weapons can be upgraded. Upgrade weapons by spending Skill Gems and gold. It is vital to take into account the special qualities of your weapon and adjust your skills accordingly.


The shop is a building where you can buy and sell items. In the shop you can buy items that can be used during battle, weapons and skill gems.


Stables are a building where horses can be managed and improved. A horse can be improved by receiving experience and skills by being taught by other horses in the Stable.

Upgrading buildings

Each building can be upgraded by spending resources and gold. By upgrading a building, the functions of each building are improved, allowing you to purchase higher quality items.