Rumours point to these performance improvements in Nintendo Switch Pro’s TV and handheld modes

Wccftech recently shared unconfirmed information about the rumoured new Nintendo Switch model, popularly known as Nintendo Switch Pro. The details it has received come in this case from Taiwan and are surprisingly specific.

The information has been circulating for the past few hours and here we bring you all the details that have been confirmed. Most notably, the GPU in this rumoured model will be clocked at nearly 1GHz in TV mode, making it capable of running at up to 120 FPS at 720p in handheld mode, although Nintendo would peg the performance at 60 FPS and 720p resolution in handheld mode and 1440p resolution in TV mode.

On the other hand, this report also adds that Nintendo Switch Pro would use NVIDIA DLSS technology, although they share that it might only be available in TV mode or even be blocked at launch due to some unspecified issues. We leave you with the full report:

There is information that the Switch Pro’s GPU is almost 1 GHz up from the current 768 MHz.

It is said to be able to run up to 720p / 120 FPS in handheld mode. However, it is said to run at 60 FPS at 720p due to the maintenance issue.

Performance in TV mode is known to be optimised for the current 1440p resolution.

It was said that Nvidia’s latest technology would be included but, due to various issues, it is possible that it will only be implemented in TV mode or will be locked at launch.

There are rumours that third-party Nintendo developers have already received development kits.

Nintendo has been trying to develop with AMD chipsets instead of Nvidia for 3 years now, but due to various circumstances, it was also rumoured that they chose Nvidia.

And now there are rumours in Japan that Xbox Game Pass for Microsoft Switch will launch at the same time as the Nintendo Switch Pro launch.

As you can see, the first details are very specific, while the second part of the message is a bit more general. We’ll be watching to see if all of this information, including the Nintendo Switch Pro announcement itself, comes true.