R-Type Final 2 confirms release schedule, including upgrade to “R-Type Final 3”.

Interesting details related to R-Type Final 2 continue to trickle in. In this case, it’s a really interesting post for fans of the game.

As we have been able to learn, the post offers details related to its upcoming release schedule, which stretches until the end of the year and includes an update to “R-Type Final 3”. Here you have the post:

June – early July

  • Launch of downloadable content “Stage Pass Set 3”.
  • R-Aircaft album
  • Improve the function of the R’s Museum
  • Add player ships: TP-2S, TP-2M, TP-2H

Early summer

  • Add player ships: Mecha, Dantalion player ships
  • Improve the operability of the PC version
  • Ranking functions
  • Add data: gallery, stickers, costumes, aircraft biography

After summer

  • Add player ships: Bydo series fighters, final fighters, R-902, new fighters.
  • Add phases: branches to different phases will also be added to the first half of the mission.
  • Adding data: gallery, stickers, costumes, aircraft biography

Fall – end of 2021

  • Stage Pass Vol. 2 downloadable content
  • Upgrade to R-Type Final 3 (tentative) (free upgrade for those who own R-Type Final 2 )