Pokémon Unite leaderboard mode: how it works and tips

As you know, Pokémon Unite will be released on Nintendo Switch in July and on mobile in September. However, beyond the progression system and all the cosmetic items that players will acquire throughout their gameplay in this game, it also features a leaderboard mode, which will be important for competitive players.

Well, today we’re going to talk about how Ranked Mode works in Pokémon Unite and some tips. We’ll give you all the details below:

  • Pokémon Unite has a ranking system that allows players of the same skill level to play against each other. When you first play the game’s battles, you’ll start from the Beginner’s Cup.
  • As you improve and win more matches, you will earn performance points. These points depend on the results of your matches. When you collect enough points, you will move on to other divisions with the ultimate goal of participating in the Master Cup.
  • There is also a global leaderboard where players can see the top Unite players and how they are doing. The only requirement to enter the global leaderboard will be to collect enough performance points and become one of the best players in the world, meaning skill is the only barrier to entry.
  • Finding your favourite role will be the key to success on the Pokémon Unite leaderboard. Most players try to be good at everything, which doesn’t always work. Deciding on a role and focusing on getting better with a handful of Pokémon will make you more consistent in the long run.