Pokémon Unite: Differences between regular and premium Holowear

Pokémon Unite is the next release of the saga for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, being the first to be released in the MOBA genre.

Well, Japanese players have already had the opportunity to enjoy it through a beta that is currently taking place for the hybrid console, which are also showing all kinds of details about it.

Among them are the payment methods that we will find within the game, because this is completely free, like many other similar games. Among these payment methods are included the skins for our Pokémon, baptized as Holowear, and that we can divide into two different types: the normal ones and the “premium” ones.

It is likely that many of you are wondering the difference between the two types of Holowear, and it is quite simple. The normal Holowear take effect once the Pokémon reaches its final evolutionary stage, that is, if you choose Charmander its Holowear will not be displayed until it becomes Charizard, while the Premium Holowear do not take into account the evolutionary line and are displayed at all times.

In addition, the latter also have special animations that are activated when performing different actions, although they will also have a somewhat higher price than the normal Holowear.