Pokémon presence and absence of the most surprising Pokémon in the Pokémon Unite roster

Pokémon Unite is a release that has been generating a lot of expectation from the community since its announcement.

A few days ago, important details were confirmed, such as all the Pokémon that will be available with the launch of this MOBA. Therefore, we leave you a list with the Pokémon that, surprisingly, will be available from day one in Pokémon Unite, below:

1. Slowbro

Slowbro, being a rather slow and slow-witted Pokémon (as described in its name), may not seem to play much of a role in a frenetic title like Pokémon Unite.

Tencent wanted to have Pokémon that play the role of “tanks” or “defenders”, so we’ll have to see if Slowbro is a good choice for that.

2. Ninetales of Alola

Ninetales of Alola is the only Ice-type Pokémon that we will see, for the moment, in Pokémon Unite, and it is surprising to see that they have not included, instead of this one, others like Lapras or Froslass, much more popular and iconic.

3. Crustle

Is Crustle anyone’s favorite Pokémon? He’s certainly not a figure that has ever stood out in the saga, though perhaps including him in Pokémon Unite is a small compensation for that.

4. Cramorant

Cramorant, which appears with an “Expert” difficulty in Pokémon Unite, was not very useful in combat in the eighth generation, so it is surprising to see it in the cast of available characters.

Anyway, seeing its difficulty it is possible that Tencent has added some element to make it more interesting.

And as an absence, this one stands out:

5. Eevee Evolutions

The wide diversity of evolutions that Eevee has are hugely popular among fans of the series, and it is a mechanic that probably could have been used to great advantage in Pokémon Unite… Will we be able to see them in the future?