No More Heroes 3 details and showcases Emergency Evade and Weapon Clash mechanics

We bring you a new and interesting video of one of the most promising games of the moment among Nintendo Switch users. This one has been recently released and corresponds to scenes from No More Heroes 3.

The short film shows us more minutes of the title focusing this time on a couple of mechanics: an emergency dodge and the weapon choke, still without official names in English. It’s available right below, along with details on the mechanics:

Emergency Evade is pretty straightforward: if you manage to dodge an incoming attack at just the right moment, you go into slow motion. This allows you to reposition yourself before unleashing a flurry of attacks on your opponent (who can’t block or dodge those attacks). You can also use grappling moves and killing blows – mastering emergency dodges is a great way to dominate battles!

The second mechanic is called Weapon Clash, and is activated when you launch a slash attack and the katana beam collides with the opponent’s weapon at the same time. If you win the duel (which is done by moving the Joy-Cons in a specific way), your opponents will be stunned for a few moments, allowing you to deliver a killing blow.