Nintendo unveils internal COVID-19 guidelines, including a Disaster Response Committee

Nintendo today published its new Corporate Social Responsibility report updated to 2021. After bringing you news on sustainability and integration plans, here is some more information related to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the report, the company explicitly explains the indications given to all its employees worldwide when the pandemic broke out, and how the situation has evolved so far, always prioritising the health of everyone. This is the message that is shared:

In FY2020, we communicated with our manufacturing partners, taking into account the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to confirming the status of responsible mineral procurement remotely, we prepare to implement remote third-party audits in lieu of our regular on-site inspections and conduct them in spring 2021. While we focused on reducing the risk of transmission, we established and verified rigorous item controls, and ensured increased opportunities for communication as we worked to understand conditions at all times.

To address the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nintendo Co. (Japan) established the Disaster Response Committee, with the president in charge, to create policies for action in the event that internal or related personnel become infected, and to formulate plans to support our business activities and employee safety. With the spread of COVID-19, work-from-home systems have been implemented at all our locations, along with measures to prevent workplace infections to ensure that our employees can work with peace of mind.