Nintendo shares the real purpose of its free Jump Rope Challenge game

As you know, Nintendo released its new Corporate Social Responsibility report updated to 2021 earlier today. After sharing with you the sustainability and integration plans, we now have more details related to one game in particular.

It is indeed Jump Rope Challenge, a quirky game that Nintendo announced, released for free and subsequently went viral on Nintendo Switch last year. Many fans were confused by this move, and now we’ve learned why.

In this report, it is explained as follows:

To help encourage exercise during the mandatory stay-at-home period, we launched the Nintendo Switch software title Jump Rope Challenge, which allows players to jump rope indoors using the Joy-Con controllers. We offer this software for free so that we can help our many consumers stay active. The idea to develop and provide this software came from our own developers, who wanted to consider how they could contribute in a work-from-home environment. Since the launch of Jump Rope Challenge, people around the world have jumped rope approximately 5.3 billion times (as of June 2021).