Nintendo responds with these words to the absence of a “Switch Pro” at E3 2021

As we reported earlier this morning, a new Nintendo shareholders’ meeting took place today. Thanks to this, we now have the translated statements on different topics discussed at the meeting.

One of the most important was the absence of a new Nintendo Switch model at E3 2021. Remember that shortly before the event there were many rumours about the announcement of this supposed new model but in the end nothing was confirmed, something that caused the company’s shares to fall.

At the meeting, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa responded to the event:

The Splatoon 3 announcement was good, and it was a relief to know that support for Nintendo Switch will continue next year. There were reports of a new Nintendo Switch, but there was no announcement during E3 and the stock price dropped significantly. Is there anything that can be done when rumours arise? Is there really a new model of this console?

Furukawa: We will release information at the appropriate time. I will refrain from commenting on a new model. However, we will continue to aim to bring new ways to play in the future, so we will reveal our plans at the appropriate time.