Nintendo confirms interest in Pokémon Unite eSports tournaments

Remember that today a new Nintendo meeting with its shareholders took place. Following this, we now bring you some translated statements on different topics discussed at the meeting.

In this case, we have been able to know Nintendo’s current opinion on eSports, where the company has already entered mainly with Super Smash Bros. However, the shareholders have now asked about the imminent release of Pokémon Unite.

This is what Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa had to say:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments once moved thousands of viewers on YouTube. I think Pokémon Unite may also have eSports competitions in the future, but as the current situation is difficult, how will Nintendo deal with this scenario?

Furukawa: We believe that the eSports business is a way to reach a wider audience of people who want to learn about the game.

Before COVID, we also organised Smash Bros. tournaments in schools. The tournament gives people the opportunity to be interested in games they wouldn’t normally be interested in or wouldn’t have, so we want to organise several tournaments when the pandemic situation improves.