New Mario Golf: Super Rush details: at least 108 holes, story mode, Toadette and Birdo and more

Here comes a new and interesting compilation of details of one of the most promising games of the moment among users who often play Nintendo Switch. We’re talking about Mario Golf: Super Rush.

In this case, the information comes from a recent video that GameXplain has shared after watching an hour of gameplay (you have the gameplays here). Thanks to this, they can confirm these details:

  1. 6 courses and 2 ways to play (normal and fast golf) with at least 108 holes.
  2. Players can play in turns or hit the ball all at once if they don’t want to wait.
  3. Fast golf is based on points and time.
  4. The Fast Golf special power is ideal when you are in difficult terrain.
  5. The title offers many options and customization to perfectly suit your playing style.
  6. The same goes for the controls, which can be used with buttons or motion control. In Quick Golf there is also motion control by waving the Joy-Con as if you were running.
  7. The Toad narrator is back and comments on the gameplay, for example when special powers are activated.
  8. The game offers a comprehensive guide to get a full understanding of how everything works.
  9. As for the online mode, it is unknown if you can play with friends, but you can join two players from a single console.
  10. The story mode is RPG style for the 6 tracks, all of which have room for exploration and bosses.
  11. Toadette is present in the game as a companion in the story mode and Birdo also appears as an event organizer.
  12. As for whether there will be more characters beyond the 16 confirmed so far, Nintendo only shared: “Stay tuned”, so they could be coming later on.

Here is the YouTube video: