Mushihimesama has been temporarily removed from the European Nintendo Switch eShop

Last week’s E3 2021 Nintendo Direct aired in several territories, leaving us with some exciting announcements. In Japan, Mushihimesama, Cave’s critically acclaimed shooter, was announced as a surprise release on the Switch eShop, so interested players were able to purchase it immediately after the presentation, regardless of territory.

Here’s a reminder of its premise and trailer:

Reco, a human princess, protects her people from a plague in a world inhabited by giant insects known as Koju. Lead Reco’s faithful companion, a beetle named Kiniro, through five magnificent stages full of insectoid enemies to the heart of Koju’s forest.

Well, there’s bad news for players looking to get their hands on it on the old continent. It turns out that Mushihimesama has been temporarily removed from the Switch’s European eShop. Live Wire, the title’s distributor, has acknowledged that it has been temporarily withdrawn, but has not given any explanation. The only thing we know is that the title will return to the eShop soon.

We leave you the message:

It’s not the first time we’ve seen such a case, whether on the 3DS eShop or the hybrid console, but more often than not it’s due to a problem with its age rating. So European fans will have to be patient if they want to download it from the European eShop. Finally, it’s worth noting that Mushihimesama is normally available in other territories, so if you’re interested in it and have a US or Japanese account, you’ll be able to purchase it without any problems.