Link’s big hair in the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 trailer gives us these 5 facts

We’ve shared with you on the web before that the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 trailer shown at the Nintendo Direct at E3 2021 has generated all sorts of theories. However, there’s one aspect that fans haven’t overlooked at all: Link’s big hair!

And this has been one of the points of debate in many of the theories that we were telling you about. However, it is necessary to highlight some key points in relation to this hair:

  • Some fans debate whether Link’s hair in the scenes in which he appears with his hair down is longer than normal, but the reality is that his hair doesn’t seem to be longer but loose (instead of tied back in a ponytail). This has the effect of making her hair look longer than it really is.
  • As a result, some fans point out that the fact that Link is wearing his hair down with this outfit could be hinting at time travel, so the Link in the sky could be the original hero of the story told in Breath of the Wild. However, it could also be a simple customisation of the character with a different outfit and hairstyle.
  • Link only appears with his hair down in the scenes where he is in the sky. All the scenes on the ground show Link with his trademark ponytail.
    Some fans debate that this character might not actually be Link, as none of the images in which he appears show his face. However, we should note that he is shown with his arm held by the blue hand, which leaves no doubt that it is him. However, it could also be the original version of the hero mentioned above.
  • Some fans have even pointed out that the one shown in the sky scenes is Zelda because of her flowing hair. However, the outfit that the character is wearing suggests that it is Link, as he has part of his torso uncovered. In fact, in the new trailer Zelda falls down the ravine and there are no other clues that point to her being playable, unfortunately.