Learn about the numerous editions and bonus features that will be offered with Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania

It looks like fans interested in the physical format are in for a treat. Today we get confirmation of details of the cartridge editions for Nintendo Switch. Specifically the physical version of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania, which includes some differences between regions and formats.

Interested parties can check out the details below:

In the Americas, the physical 20th anniversary edition comes with the collectible sleeve, reversible cover and 40-page art book.

In Europe, the physical launch edition features a reversible cover and the 40-page artbook will be available in some (as yet unconfirmed) shops.

The Digital Deluxe Edition includes 4-day early access and four DLCs, which can also be purchased separately for $4.99 (or regional equivalent).

And these are the DLCs:

Finally, here’s the bonus for pre-ordering:

All pre-orders come with the additional cosmetic pack (10 items): this is the only way to get these exclusive items!