Here’s how to play Nintendogs at Game Builder Garage

It seems that the players of this title continue to delight us with interesting content. Today we get an interesting video that shows us the possibilities offered by Game Builder Garage.

This time the scenes of the title that we can see below are focused on a cool recreation that fans have made of the popular Nintendogs. In the video, they show how they have configured the dog’s behaviour to achieve an effect similar to that of the legendary Nintendo title.

You can see it and the code to play it here:

ID:G004 5JR 906
A very cute and clever puppy, chasing a ball and performing tricks.
If you arrange the program, you can change him to your favorite animal such as a cat or a horse.
This is a port of a lab game. This is a port of the lab game.
#First Time Game Programming

The program has been partially modified.
Game ID: G-001-5V7-HYN
Fixed contents
The game can now be played in handheld mode.
Fixed the problem of grabbing the dog.
The interior of the room has been changed a little.
Camera has been adjusted.
Dog will let go of the ball after a while.