First trailer of Wan Nyan Pet Shop, the most awaited game by Nintendogs and Nintencats fans

A new and interesting video of one of the most anticipated games of the moment for Nintendogs and Nintencats fans has been recently published on YouTube by the company responsible for the title. It is Wan Nyan Pet Shop: Kawaii Pet to Fureau Mainichi.

In the short film, we can see some unpublished scenes of this promising title thanks to its first trailer. Remember that it will be released on July 15th at least in Japan.

We’ll leave it below, but not before reminding you of its description:

Become an employee of a popular and stylish city pet shop, take care of puppies and cats and sell pet products while enjoying every day interacting with the adorable pets.

Key Features:

  • Interact with the dogs and cats in the playroom – The pet shop has a large playroom where you can train and play with the dogs and cats. Raise your pets comfortably without having to lock them in small cages.
  • A motivating challenge system – As an employee of the pet shop, the player will have to work little by little to achieve a goal every day. Successful completion of the objectives will earn you items to place in the playroom, accessories for the dogs and cats, and much more.
  • 20 fun mini-games – Experience a total of 20 jobs in the form of fun mini-games, from caring for the dogs and cats in areas such as pruning, shampooing and brushing their teeth, to shop-related jobs such as scanning barcodes at the cash register and applying price tags to products.
  • 18 types of popular dogs and cats – A total of 18 popular dogs and cats are featured, including the American Shorthair, Munchkin and Scottish Fold cat breeds, and the poodle, chihuahua and dachshund dog breeds.
  • Take good care of the dogs and cats so that they meet their owner – The goal of a pet shop employee is to take good care of the adorable dogs and cats so that one day they will meet their owner. Take good care of them and send them off to a happy future.

And here is a new promotional video: